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I'd like to put the challenge up tomorrow or Saturday. You picketh.

Poll #848855 Challenge 22

Choose the challenge to go up next:

Carl from Van Helsing in a challenge befitting Halloween.
Carl from Van Helsing in general challenge.
Just a regular challenge, pictures of him out of character
Other (leave a comment please)
Blue Daisy

Challenge 21 winners...

All of the icons submitted were gorgeous, thank you to everyone who entered!

A new challenge will post sometime this week maybe? THings have been so slow lately I'm not feeling alot of urgency getting new challenges posted. Is there anyone with any suggestions for possible challenges, photos you'd like to see used for one?
Please let me know, after all this is your community! Thanks!

And the winners are:
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David - by pokecharm

Challenge 21 Voting

Time to vote for Challenge 21 (sorry I'm late with it)

Please vote in order of preference, only choose 3.
Do NOT vote for yourself or have your friends vote for your icons. Be fair.

Thank you to all our entrants, I think they are all very lovely myself.

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